All-Star Analysts

At the Buzzer: Embiid-Harden, CP3-less Suns, MVP hype

Published March 3, 2022, 5:55 PMBea Daez-Fabros, Diego Dario

All-Star Analysts share their thoughts on the Sixers’ new 1-2 punch, how the Suns will fare without Chris Paul, and who deserves the most MVP hype.

Are you buying the Harden-Embiid hype?

Bea Daez-Fabros: Yes! Even Embiid himself said after their first two games that their duo will be “unstoppable.” I trust Joel Embiid.

Diego Dario: Absolutely. First of all I think Harden’s reunion with Daryl Morey will make Harden’s adjustment smoother in terms of playing the way he wants to. Second, Embiid currently has no problems doing more ball screens for Harden - in fact it's getting him way easier shots than what he's used to. On the other hand, Harden also understands that Joel is MVP caliber and sometimes you also have to give the ball to Joel in the post. 

Can the Suns stay on top of the standings without Chris Paul?

Bea: Having your No. 1 playmaker out will definitely hurt the Suns. Offensively, outside of Devin Booker with his ability to create his own shots, the Suns will definitely feel the hit. Especially now that we’re down to the final stretch of the regular season, CP’s absence may cost them the top seed.

Diego: This one’s tough. Booker has been playing both the point guard and shooting guard position. Although I think this is good for his development as a player and leader, it also requires more work from him because the defense can focus on him as compared to having CP3 on the floor. With around 20 more games to play, I think they can still stay on top but Golden State and Memphis will surely inch closer. 

Will we see Zion Williamson play for the New Orleans Pelicans again?

Bea: Who is he again? Just kidding. I honestly stopped putting a timeline on his return because I keep on getting disappointed, but, hopefully, by next season at the very least—assuming they don’t make the playoffs.

Diego: I think so but not in the near future. Foot injuries are tough. It's where all movement starts because it's the first part of the body that interacts with the floor. With the way he plays above the rim, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Should DeMar DeRozan get more MVP hype over Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic?

Bea: With the way Joel Embiid has been playing this season, plus carrying the Sixers on his shoulders without Ben Simmons, I think he deserves more MVP hype.

Diego: I think he should. The Bulls are second in the East and they've been playing without their starting guard in Lonzo Ball. DeMar has been on a tear in terms of scoring. He's bringing back the midrange game and he's clutch too. 

What accessory should the NBA’s 100th Anniversary Team receive in the future?

Bea: Hmm…that’s a long time from now but would love to see limited edition, customized NBA kicks for the 100th anniversary team!

Diego: At that point in time, I think the 100th anniversary team should get their own version of an NFT. A very unique one designed by a really good artist. If not, maybe a custom made pair of shoes would be nice too.