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At the Buzzer: Pop’s record, Play-In dark horses, next jersey retirement

Published March 17, 2022, 9:20 AMIsaac Go

All-Star Analyst Isaac Go gives his insights on Gregg Popovich’s coaching record, surprising teams who could make the Play-In Tournament, and more!

Will anyone ever break Pop’s coaching record?

No one will be able to break Pop’s record. Even greats such as Phil Jackson, George Carl, and Pat Riley can’t hold a candle in terms of wins. It’s going to take a lot of games, years, and consistency for a chance to crack it so it's gonna be something like Kareem’s scoring record. It’s going to take a generational coaching talent to even just have a shot. 

Initial thoughts on HBO’s Winning Time?

I'm honestly excited about it. Every time a sports series comes out I just get excited about it. Like The Last Dance series, it's going to be about a team that a lot of us only heard of so it's going to be interesting to hear how they will interpret the source material. 

Who are your dark horses for the Play-In Tournament?

My play-in dark horse is the Los Angeles Lakers. I would have said the Pelicans but with the uncertainty with Zion, I don’t see them winning the Play-In. Saying the Lakers have had a bad year is an understatement. However, when you have LeBron James on your team, there is always a chance. They’ve missed AD for most of the season, but a duo of LeBron and Davis (when healthy) can be scary.

Whose jersey should the NBA retire next?

I want to see VC’s [Vince Carter] jersey go up in the rafters. He put Canada on the map. He inspired a generation and brought countless memories and heartbreaks. He was one of the players who defined my generation and even if he didn’t win a ring, his impact and legacy was still felt through the league.

The Warriors have been undefeated since Jackie Moon joined them at shootaround. Name another fictional character who should bring good vibes to an NBA team?

Luke Hobbs. Imagine when the teams run out of their dugouts and you see someone as huge as him. A badass secret agent who isn't afraid to throw down is someone you’d want on your team. He’s loyal, tough, and funny. You can't ask for anything more.

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