Can the Suns complete Nuggets sweep?

Published June 13, 2021, 6:00 PMRenee Ticzon

With Chris Paul in the lead, the Suns have been torching the Nuggets in the semis. Can they close out the series in Game 4?

The Phoenix Suns are close to getting away with their series against the Denver Nuggets. After their 116-102 win in Game 3, the Suns now have a 3-0 record, in what could be the only sweep in the semifinals.

Chris Paul has been manning Phoenix’s offense despite a shoulder injury that he sustained in the first round of the playoffs. In this series, Paul has already totaled 34 assists with only three turnovers. He’s also averaging 21.7 points per game, which is not only impressive because he’s 36 years old, but also because he does this at an efficient rate of 57.5 percent from the field.

With that kind of veteran point guard leading the pack, the Suns’ other players have followed suit. Their starters are averaging double digits in scoring while making more than 50 percent of their field goals.

Stopping the Suns right now might be close to impossible, especially when you consider the Nuggets’ situation.

Denver’s ability to come back from a series with their backs against the wall, particularly when they recovered from back-to-back 3-1 deficits last season, has been brought up. Unfortunately, that Nuggets team isn’t the same team that’s in the playoffs right now.

It feels like Nikola Jokic is the only one who wants to win this series for Denver. He’s the only one averaging 35 minutes on the court, making 26.0 points and rebounding in double figures. Every other Nugget’s statline has dropped drastically, and fans can read the melancholic body language.

It looks like the Nuggets have succumbed to the injuries, and it’s something that Phoenix will definitely take advantage of.

Will Barton still has minutes restriction after being out for so long. Jamal Murray and PJ Dozier have yet to return to the team. Even Michael Porter Jr. is nursing a back injury even if he continues to play. This Nuggets team is just not the same, and even the MVP knows it.

So you might be wondering, what do the Suns need to do to win it all? Well, exactly what they’re doing right now.

Paul needs to continue facilitating. Devin Booker needs to keep scoring. Deandre Ayton needs to keep being explosive on both ends of the court.

If Phoenix is able to sustain the way they’re playing right now, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if they make it all the way to the Western Conference Finals in four games.