Details in the fabric: Top 5 WNBA Rebel edition jerseys

Published April 15, 2021, 6:30 AMJon Carlos Rodriguez

The WNBA's new Rebel jerseys have eye-popping designs, but they also tell stories that represent each city.

The WNBA is going all out for its 25th anniversary. The league partnered with Nike to tell H.E.R. story in three different ways: Heroine, Explorer, and Rebel. They’re more than mere colorways or fashion decisions. These are creative attempts to tell stories that represent the city and to stitch together a mission to empower. 

Among the three jersey editions, the “Rebel”—as the name suggests—go the hardest in trying to express inspiring themes of female empowerment. These are the top five:


From the colorway to the wordings, the Washington Mystics jersey did DC things. The colorway is inspired by the 2017 Women’s March. The word “RISE” is boldly embedded front and center, a call to stand up for women’s rights. Around the gold trim of the jersey is the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which first gave women the right to vote in 1920. These are deep, important themes to have on a basketball jersey, and as the hidden tag on the uniform proudly states: shall not be denied.


The Indiana Fever’s Rebel uniform pays homage to Stranger Things, a Netflix sci-fi series that features a powerful female character named Eleven. The font, the shade of red, and the Upside Down background (with a bonus “011” on the short belt buckle) are all nods to the show. Stranger Things is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, but there’s nothing fictional in the superpower that Fever players will wield once they put on these threads. 


One look at the Chicago Sky Rebel uniform and you can almost hear glass shattering. They went with a blue hue and shattered lines that looked more art piece than basketball gear. The design serves as a reminder that women will always break through glass ceilings, shatter expectations, and punch up. How high up? It’s right there in their team name.


The Rebel uniform of the defending champs Seattle Storm is not playing around. It pays tribute to female empowerment, using a sweeping gray sash across the front. It’s also in black with a hint of grunge on the faded team name and number, making it the perfect get-up for rocking all the way back to the finals.


There’s a subtle yet strong message in the New York Liberty Rebel uniform. If the color of the Statue of Liberty doesn’t quite get you, then the word “Equality” on the front with the burning torch as the “i” will. New York Liberty has long been fighting for social justice, this time they’ll get to don the appropriate attire in continuing the fight.