Extra Pass: Gear up for entertaining Kings-Suns matchup

Published March 11, 2023, 11:50 AMJon Carlos Rodriguez

Two elite Western Conference teams will duel tomorrow live at 10:00 AM on NBA League Pass.

What’s up with the Phoenix Suns?

The Phoenix Suns are on an emotional rollercoaster. Just weeks after winning the Kevin Durant lottery and successfully closing the deal that scored them an all-time great, their luck suddenly changed.

What was supposed to be a routine layup line in his home game debut, KD slipped and rolled his ankle. The good news is that the freak accident is not the season-ender kind. KD will be out at least three weeks and will be re-evaluated, which—if there are no setbacks—means he’ll be more than ready to play in time for the playoffs.

Another good news is that the Suns are riding a four-game winning streak and are safe in the West’s fourth spot. Devin Booker is about to go off in this final stretch of the regular season.

What’s up with the Sacramento Kings?

The Sacramento Kings are in second place in the Western Conference standings with about a month away from the playoffs. This is real. This is happening. The Kings are going for it. With a 39-26 win-loss record, Sacramento have been through difficult tests throughout the season and have passed the majority, if not all, convincingly. 

The Kings are known for their offensive firepower. In their last eight games, they have scored more than 120-plus points, something no team has done in nearly 40 years. For their defense, not too much. They allow an average of 118 points per game for their opponents, which should be music to DBook’s ears. 

Still, the Kings have always found a way to win despite the poor defense, thanks to the simple strategy of outscoring their opponents. That just equates to fun, entertaining, must-watch basketball.

Storyline to watch out for

A Devin Booker-De’Aaron Fox matchup will always be something to watch out for, if only for the light to moderate chance of a 40-point explosion. Both Book and Fox can light it up quick and are both just so fun to watch.

With the Suns and Kings both looking to secure a top-tier playoff spot, expect a high-quality matchup that may also serve as a preview for an impending postseason clash.


The Suns’ current winning streak was powered by the arrival of Durant, the brightest star to help them in the quest to get back to the NBA Finals. Without him (and without ex-key pieces like Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson) providing firepower, the Kings should be able to handle their business. Light the beam.

Where to watch

These two elite Western Conference teams will duel tomorrow live at 10:00 AM on NBA League Pass.