Extra Pass: Steph Curry on the verge of making history at MSG

Published December 14, 2021, 3:00 PMMiguel Flores

The countdown to Steph Curry’s historic feat of surpassing Ray Allen’s all-time 3-point record will most likely end tomorrow at the expense of the New York Knicks.

There is no more important game to watch tomorrow than the Golden State Warriors visiting the New York Knicks, which you can watch live at 8:30 AM on NBA League Pass.

Steph Curry trying to break Ray Allen's record for 3-pointers made in the regular season has turned into an odyssey of expectations. People legitimately thought he could break it when he was 16 away from the record. There was a countdown on all NBA social media platforms when he was 10 away against Philadelphia. Earlier today, he needed seven 3s against Indiana to break the record. 

All these volumes of 3s – from 16 to seven – would be an absurd one-game tally for any other shooter ever – including Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. But not for Steph. He’s been great, hitting 14 3s in the span of three games. 

Tomorrow, Steph enters Madison Square Garden – a sacred basketball stage – just two shy of breaking the record that has haunted him the past three games. As great a shooter as he is, Steph has noticeably forced more 3-point attempts over the past three games, hitting at just a 30.4 percent clip. This isn’t an assertion from someone on the outside looking in, even Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has acknowledged Steph’s burden.


Like Kerr, Steph might just be glad to get this over with. Such is the cost of being an all-time great.When you do all-time great things, there’s otherworldly hype around everything you do. The tickets to the nosebleed section for tomorrow’s games are reportedly selling for close to 500 dollars. With Steph, it’s a guarantee that he won’t just hit two 3s and call it a day. There’s going to be a show. New Yorkers should know because, after all, Curry’s second-best scoring game ever of 54 points happened at MSG.

There’s surely going to be plenty of pageantry. Reggie Miller is scheduled to call the game tomorrow. Celebrities and NFT bros alike are already flexing their tickets on social media.

This all comes at the expense of the Knicks. If it isn’t enough that they're playing like their past, non-postseason contender selves, they’re getting treated like the doormats they used to be, too. Almost no one is talking about the Knicks and how they feel about this whole situation. Everyone expects them to be the willing hosts to a historic thrashing tomorrow. Maybe that’s the bulletin-board material that the Knicks need to revitalize their middling defensive effort.

If you’re like me and you’ve been tuning in since the Portland game to see Steph break the record, tomorrow will be a welcome release. Finally, we get a guarantee that Steph breaks the record and we can all go back to our regular viewing schedules. These moments, however, should not be taken lightly. Tomorrow, Steph gets crowned as the rightful king of the long range shot. The guy who changed the game forever gets immortalized.

If you have a second screen, the Toronto Raptors visiting the Brooklyn Nets – just a few kilometers away from MSG – at 8:30 AM on NBA TV Philippines via Smart GigaPlay app or Cignal TV also deserves some attention. Kevin Durant is fresh off a 51-point game and he might need to muster a similarly spectacular encore to stave off the Raptors, who have been solid despite a plethora of injuries.