On the Lookout: Kevin Durant returns from virus scare in time for Warriors battle

Published February 13, 2021, 5:00 PMRenee Ticzon

Kevin Durant is cleared to play as the Nets visit the Bay Area.

The Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors are going head-to-head on Valentine’s Day.

The Nets are still considered serious finals contenders because of their offensive powerhouse led by Brooklyn’s Big 3. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been inflating game scores with averages of 29.5 and 27.5 points, respectively. James Harden has returned to his old role as a playmaking point guard with a whopping 11.8 assists per game, the league’s highest.

However, when talking about the Nets, a lot of people seem to forget their incredible supporting cast. Caris LeVert and Joe Harris, who are averaging close to Harden’s scoring numbers, have been a huge help to the offensive-minded Brooklyn.

Ranked 3rd in offense, Brooklyn is undoubtedly a tough team to compete with, especially when the Big 3 are completely healthy and ready to play. Despite this, critics are still apprehensive because the Nets are known for one persistent flaw. Ranked 27th in defense, head coach Steve Nash has struggled to keep his team working on the other end of the court.

After a coronavirus scare that prevented him from playing, Durant was cleared to suit up just in time to face his former team, the Golden State Warriors.

Some may consider Golden State an underdog this season especially with Klay Thompson out, but Steph Curry will remind you not to write them off just yet.

Their offensive rating (18th in the league) can be wildly misleading, especially with a super scorer like Curry. Even if he’s the only Warrior averaging above 20 at 29.5 points per game, the star shooter is capable of pushing his team’s offensive production above their competitors. Just recall the time he hit 62 against Damian Lillard’s Portland Trail Blazers or 57 against Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks.

If it’s going to be a shootout between the Nets and the Warriors, then it won’t shock NBA fans if they combine for more than 200 points. This may be a battle of who can land the most shots or whose defense will come through.

Catch the Valentine’s special at 9:30 AM live on TV5.