On the Lookout: Will Curry's scorching hot shooting continue vs. Wizards?

Published April 21, 2021, 6:00 PMJon Carlos Rodriguez

Steph Curry has been torching the league with his incredible shooting display, but Bradley Beal and the streaking Wizards are also heating up as of late.

Steph Curry is on fire.

That line has been written, uttered, and screamed in many different ways on various occasions over the course of Steph Curry’s career. In all of those times, it was always raised matter-of-factly, never an exaggeration, often out of bewilderment. 

This is one of those times.

Steph Curry, in ways that only Steph Curry can do, is on fire. 

These are his stats in points and 3-pointers made for the last five games: 

49 points, 10 3s
47 points, 11 3s
33 points, 4 3s
42 points, 11 3s
53 points, 10 3s
38 points, 8 3s

The Golden State Warriors lost only one game in that stretch, and it was against the Boston Celtics, and it was only because Jayson Tatum existed. 

Extend the Steph Curry heat check to 10 games and you’ll find that he has the most 3s ever in that span with 72. Extend it to 11 and there’s this: Curry has scored 30 or more points in that span. His numbers during this 11-game stretch are unheard of: 40 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game. His percentages are from another universe: 54 percent from the field, 50 percent from 3, 90 percent from the line.  

All these, yet the Warriors are still only a .500 team, just finding their footing inside the play-in tournament. All these, and Steph Curry is the league’s new scoring leader with an average of 31.4 points per game. 

Interestingly, his next assignment is to outscore the former scoring leader in Bradley Beal (31.1 points per game) and the Washington Wizards. It won’t be easy.

The Wizards, like the Warriors, are also hanging on to keep their spot in the play-in tournament. Beal is keeping them in there with his buckets while Russell Westbrook is doing everything else. 

Westbrook is currently tied with James Harden as the league’s assist leader with 10.9 dimes per game. What makes that bit of info crazy is that Westbrook is also averaging 10.9 rebounds per game to go along with his 21.8 points per game. He’s the only player in NBA history with multiple triple-doubles against all 30 franchises.

Beal and Westbrook are taking turns carrying the Wizards because there’s not much else going for Washington after No. 3 option Thomas Bryant tore his ACL in January. Since then, the Wizards have been desperately scouring its roster (shout out Rui Hachimura and Davis Bertans), turning it inside out for a gem of some sort.

Recently, that gem turned out to be big man Daniel Gafford, who’s been great sometimes and unreliable the other times. His inconsistency is a pain point, but then there’s also the pleasure of getting from him an 18-point, seven-rebound, four-block game. 

While not on the same temperature at the heat index as Curry, the Wizards are also heating up and are on a five-game winning streak. That streak will be put to the test against the Warriors at 7:00 AM on NBA TV Philippines on Cignal or via NBA.smart, free for Smart Signature & Smart Prepaid subscribers with Giga Video subscription.

We’re at the point in the regular season where things are in full-on combustion mode and chilling is no longer an option. With how Curry has been scorching nets in any way he pleases and how the Wizards have been getting Ws, this matchup almost guarantees straight-up fire from tipoff to final buzzer.