She Got Game: Bea Daez-Fabros

Published March 23, 2022, 11:15 AMJon Carlos Rodriguez

All-Star Analyst Bea Daez-Fabros shares how much she loves the NBA and her willingness to try new things in the world of content-creating.

She Got Game is a five-part series featuring the women content creators of NBA.com Philippines. As part of our Women’s Month celebration, we shine the spotlight on women who continue to elevate the sports media landscape with their stories and love for the game.

All-Star Analyst Bea Daez-Fabros once picked Michael Jordan as the subject for her thesis back in high school. But that’s not even the most NBA thing that Bea has done in her life. If you’re a basketball lifer whose entire world revolves around the game, the NBA is an everyday thing.

Editor’s note: The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Tell us your NBA origin story

I was introduced to the NBA by my family. I have seven brothers who all love playing basketball so I grew up watching and playing the sport as well. From playing basketball in our house to watching all basketball games from the UAAP, PBL, PBA, and NBA, I was exposed to all of that. 

I loved watching the NBA because not only was it a bonding time for us, but I was just in awe of the level of talent in the NBA. I vividly remember always watching the Lakers versus Spurs games and how our whole family would be divided while watching.

What was that one thing that first made you love the game?

I guess because my family loved the game so much, it was the main reason why I loved the game, too. Not only was it my brothers who influenced me, but even my mom and titas were avid fans of the sport. Having basketball all around me just naturally pulled me to love the sport as well.

What’s your most memorable moment as an NBA fan?

This is quite random but my most memorable moment as an NBA fan is not something that happened on the court. Because of my love for Michael Jordan and his work ethic, I devoted my thesis to his life back in high school. I bought so many books about him including Relentless. It’s just a testament to how big his impact is on me. I really enjoyed doing it because of him.

What does your daily NBA regimen look like?

I always open my NBA League Pass app every morning before I work to see the games for the day and read up on some news. Once work is done and my toddler is sleeping, that’s when I really get to catch up on the games for the day and always watch the highlights for the day. It’s considered my “me time” to just unwind and destress with basketball after a long day of work.

How did you become an analyst and content creator for NBA.com Philippines? Has this always been part of your career plans?

The opportunity to become an analyst and content creator for NBA.com Philippines was one big shock to me. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would ever be presented to me. I think this is a dream of any NBA fan out there, but something that you never really see actually happening…and yet it happened to me! I'm super grateful for the opportunity to also be a voice of the female community in the NBA. I welcomed it with open arms because these opportunities don’t happen often.

What’s the best part about doing work for NBA.com Philippines?

The best part is that my work for NBA.com Philippines is actually a hobby I've been doing since I was a kid! Not everyone gets to say that your work is also your hobby. 

If there’s a dream piece of NBA content, whether a written article or video, that you’d want to do, what would that be?

I’d love to write about the female sportscasters in the NBA. Through the years, I noticed the increased number of female sportscasters in the NBA. Being an advocate of women in sports, I would love to take an inside look at how this has become a norm in the NBA and see how it can be replicated as well in our local leagues.

What would you tell other girls and women who are also aspiring to be an NBA content creator?

We live in a time when females are breaking barriers. Regardless if it’s a male-dominated sport, we, females, have a place in the sport as well. If you find your passion, by all means, pursue it. If you find something you love that really keeps you going despite hearing criticism or doubts on the sidelines, just keep going. 

I fell in love with basketball when I was a kid and pursued it with all my heart. Never in a million years did I think I would land a job as an NBA analyst, but I guess because I loved the sport like no other, great things eventually happened.