The Rundown: AD goes for 42 as Lakers evade Suns

Published May 10, 2021, 1:14 PMMiguel Flores

Anthony Davis had a 42-point game performance to lead the Lakers to a solid win over the second-seeded Suns.


Heat 130, Celtics 124
Knicks 106, Clippers 100
Pelicans 112, Hornets 110
Mavericks 123, Cavaliers 97
Timberwolves 128, Magic 96
Bulls 108, Pistons 96
Lakers 123, Suns 110
Kings 126, Thunder 98

What went down

It started in their backyard court in Chino Hills. Now, the Ball brothers are taking their one-on-one games into the NBA.

It's rare for brothers to make it to the NBA, rarer still for both to be considered solid players. Tonight Lonzo's New Orleans Pelicans gutted out a tough win over LaMelo's Charlotte Hornets. In truth, neither had their best games today – their second meeting in the NBA. Lonzo had 12 points and six assists, while LaMelo had 22 points and five assists. Eric Bledsoe (24 points, 11 assists) led the Pelicans, while Terry Rozier (career-high 43 points) powered the Hornets.

Still, what a special day for the Ball family. For your sons to be playing at the highest level, realizing their dream together had to be a treat for Mrs. Ball on Mother’s Day.

Big-time baller

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't had much to celebrate over the last few weeks.

One morsel of good news the defending champs can take away from tonight; Anthony Davis seems to have his rhythm back.

Playing his best game since coming back from a calf injury, AD dropped 42 points, 12 rebounds, five assists, three steals, and three blocks on the second-seeded Phoenix Suns.

With a 38-30 record and only four games remaining on the schedule, the Lakers have a lot on their plate. If teams stay put in their current positions in the standings, today's game was a preview of a potential 2-7 matchup in the postseason. If the Lakers want to move out of seventh and the play-in tournament, they’re going to need to win out and hope the Dallas Mavericks (40-28) and the Portland Trail Blazers (39-29) lose a bunch of their last games. The Lakers can't afford a tie with either team since they lost both tiebreakers.

Starters LeBron James and Dennis Schröeder are also still on the shelf so the Lakers will take anything they can get from Davis.

What she said

For Mother’s Day, the NBA TV crew got Robin Paul – Chris Paul’s mom -- for the pregame festivities. You already know her take on the MVP debate.

Did you see that?

It was very considerate of Zach LaVine to stay in the air long enough to allow Isaiah Stewart to stay away from a poster.