The Rundown: Brooks, Grizzlies take down Suns

Published April 2, 2022, 2:55 PMJon Carlos Rodriguez

Dillon Brooks led the shorthanded Grizzlies to a blowout win over the West-leading Suns.


Raptors 102, Magic 89

Wizards 135, Mavericks 103

Celtics 128, Pacers 123

Kings 122, Rockets 117

Grizzlies 122, Suns 114

Clippers 153, Bucks 119

Pistons 110, Thunder 101

Spurs 130, Trail Blazers 111

Timberwolves 136,  Nuggets 130

Lakers Pelicans 114, 111

What went down

The battle of the top two teams in the league didn’t get off to a good start before the jump, with six of the Memphis Grizzlies’ key pieces sitting out, including their All-Star Ja Morant. 

Then it quickly got awkward for the Phoenix Suns, which found themselves down big in the first quarter against a seemingly mad and hungry Grizzlies team. Devin Booker eventually found his groove to cut the Memphis lead to one.

Come fourth quarter, the Grizzlies turned it up one more notch, a notch that they’ve probably reserved just for games like this one. Memphis scored a huge 38 points in the fourth, increasing their lead once again to double digits. The Suns ran out of comeback fuel in this one.

Booker finished with 41 points, but it wasn’t enough to neutralize Dillon Brooks’ 30 points and six other Grizzlies with more than 10 points each. 

The Suns could have had a franchise record with another W, but the Grizzlies—as they’ve done the whole season—stole the show once again.

Big-time ballers

We don’t have access to Kristaps Porzingis’ personal calendar to check if he marked this game versus his former team,  but his stats pretty much did it. KP scored 24 points and grabbed nine rebounds in the Washington Wizards’ 32-point win over the Dallas Mavericks. 

Killian Hayes posted Grant Hill numbers for the Detroit Pistons and it was awesome to see. Hayes dropped a career-high 26 points, adding seven rebounds, eights assists, five steals, and two blocks.

All talks surrounding the LA Clippers involve Paul George nowadays, some must have forgotten Robert Covington. He reminded them with a career-high 43 points and a career-high 11 3s against the defending champs.

What he said

Every Dillon Brooks quote is a gem. Here’s another one:

Did you see that?

Jayson Tatum didn’t warn us it was Bring-Your-Hammer-to-Work Day: