The Rundown: Jazz fest continues, KD gets love in Bay Area return

Published February 14, 2021, 2:00 PMMiguel Flores

The Utah Jazz continue their winning ways, while Kevin Durant plays in his first game back in Golden State.


  • Knicks 121, Rockets 99
  • Suns 120, Sixers 111
  • Pacers 125, Hawks 113
  • Nets 134, Warriors 117
  • Jazz 112, Heat 94

What went down

The Utah Jazz were struggling to score against the Heat. Their usually automatic shooters were silent, going 6-for-27 from deep. They were also without starting point guard Mike Conley.

They still led the Miami Heat by 21 after three quarters.

This has been the Utah Jazz experience this season. Even if a key player is out or if they're struggling on one end of the floor, the Jazz adjust and find a way to win. Utah has won 17 of their last 18 games and are on top of a loaded Western Conference. Utah looks like a contender. Now, it's only a matter of staying healthy for a playoff push.

Big-time baller

Even if the Phoenix Suns are now under Chris Paul's adult supervision, they only go as far as their young core can take them.

Today, facing the East-leading Philadelphia 76ers, Devin Booker caught fire and led the Suns to a tough win.

Booker gathered 36 points, five rebounds and four assists, and this cold-blooded heave to ice their 16th win.

What he said

NBA Twitter celeb and proud part of the New York Knicks' blue check mark army @WorldWideWob perfectly summarized every Knick fan’s mood.

This season has been filled with what would be small victories for other fan bases, but are massive wins for the long-suffering Knicks die-hards. From finally drafting a competent point guard in Immanuel Quickley, to riding Julius Randle to a 13-15 record, the Knicks are slowly regaining long-lost glory.

Knicks Twitter might not be able to handle another massive Quickley game.

Did you see that?

We didn’t get to see or hear how Warriors fans would have welcomed him back, but Kevin Durant did get a customary tribute video that many other stars like LeBron James and Austin Rivers received when they returned to their former home court.

It was a fun reminder of how dominant the Kevin Durant-era Warriors were on and off the court. And if Warriors fans missed watching a dominant super team, they got a short glimpse today with Durant and his new best friends Kyrie Irving and James Harden dominating them.

It was poetic for Pinoy Warriors fans to have KD's reunion fall on Valentine's Day. Perhaps, in the spirit of the day of love and reconciliation, we should all send our exes a tribute video.