The Rundown: LeBron does LeBron stuff, LaMelo stays hot

Published February 9, 2021, 2:00 PMMiguel Flores

The Lakers, without Anthony Davis, leaned on LeBron James to slay the Thunder, while LaMelo Ball continued his hot streak from the field.


  • Hornets 119, Rockets 94
  • Wizards 105, Bulls 101
  • Raptors 128, Grizzlies 113
  • Mavericks 127, Timberwolves 122
  • Spurs 105, Warriors 100
  • Suns 119, Cavaliers 113
  • Bucks 125, Nuggets 112
  • Lakers 119, Thunder 112

What went down

The kids were all up in LeBron's lawn.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who were without Anthony Davis and Alex Caruso, were being put to the test again by a young team. The Oklahoma City Thunder were raring for an upset, sending the game to overtime thanks to free throws from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Without the Brow and the GOAT, the King needed to step up. Fueled by wine and dad strength, LeBron put the finishing touches on the Thunder with a couple of his signature plays: finding an open Wes Matthews with a cross-court pass from the post, before twirling on Lu Dort for a dunk. He finished with a 28-14-12 triple-double.

The defending champs didn't need another overtime to seal the win. It isn’t Tuesday yet in Los Angeles, but the Lakers earned their taco today.

Big-time baller

Today's big baller has had it in his brand for years.

LaMelo Ball had another start for the short-handed Charlotte Hornets and didn't disappoint. The third pick in the 2020 Draft tallied 24 points with seven triples, seven rebounds, and 10 assists. Those stats were great, but as usual, the highlights were somehow better.

Ball leads all rookies in points and assists and is second in rebounds. He's been deadly efficient since getting the starting job, helping the Hornets to back-to-back wins. He's the run-away Rookie of the Year and, if there was an award for it, would be a top candidate for Most Entertaining Player.

What he said

Draymond Green is one of the smartest players in the league – a great playmaker and defender. However, he isn't exactly known for his shooting.The Golden State Warriors, as usual, had Steph Curry conjuring shots late in the game to keep them close. Down by three with 8.7 seconds left, Damion Lee found Green in Curry range. For some reason, Green hoisted a three, probably anticipating a foul, and heard nothing but the thump of the backboard.

Always candid, Green thought this was both a smart and dumb play.

Did you see that?

The best no look passes fool even the cameraman.

Nikola Jokic aka The Cookie Monster aka Big Honey aka Sexy Serbian has a crazy pass like this every game along with crazier stat lines like today's 35-point, 12-rebound, 6-assist performance.

 If the Nuggets can get hot like their big man, Jokic might earn another nickname: MVP.