The Rundown: LeBron hurts ankle as Hawks win 8th straight

Published March 21, 2021, 1:20 PMMiguel Flores

The Atlanta Hawks extended their win streak to eight games after beating the Los Angeles Lakers, who lost LeBron James to an ankle injury on Sunday.


  • Hawks 99, Lakers 94
  • 76ers 129, Kings 105
  • Grizzlies 111, Warriors 103
  • Bucks 120, Spurs 113
  • Clippers 125, Hornets 98

What went down

Sunday mornings are usually the best morning out of the week, but Filipino Los Angeles Lakers fans woke up to some pretty bad news today.

Maneuvering his way through three Atlanta Hawks, LeBron James lost control of the basketball. In the scramble for possession, Solomon Hill fell on LeBron's left leg, causing his ankle to turn inward. After getting up on his own, LeBron still stayed in the game and drilled a 3-pointer, but immediately was subbed out on the next possession.

The good news: LeBron avoided any major injury and was diagnosed with a high-ankle sprain. The bad news: LeBron will be out indefinitely. For a Lakers team already with Anthony Davis for an extended period, missing both their stars down the stretch of the season could mean dipping down a packed Western Conference standings.

Big-time baller

The win over the Lakers was Atlanta's eighth straight. Different Hawks have stepped up since Nate McMillan took over head coaching duties and today it was John Collins.

The springy Collins feasted on a short-handed Lakers frontcourt, tallying 27 points on 11-for-15 shooting, with 15 rebounds, three blocks, and three assists.


The Hawks have shot up to fifth in the East with a 22-20 record. After looking sluggish through the first half of the season, the young Hawks seem to have found their stride.

What he said

There’s a reason why Jamal Crawford is one of the most respected NBA players in the league ever. For one, he has an all-time dribble package -- or bag, as kids call it. More importantly, Crawford never fails to show love to his fellow players, especially those still on the come-up.

Today, on Crawford's birthday, Ja Morant tried Crawford's signature dribble in their win over the Golden State Warriors.


Though Morant didn’t complete the double-behind-the-back-hop-step, Crawford still showed love for Memphis' star point guard.


Crawford's a legend everywhere he went in the NBA, mostly because of his multiple Sixth Man of the Year awards and for dropping 50 in all the jerseys he wore in the NBA. Perhaps he should also be the league's shining example of how to appreciate the next generation of NBA players, right alongside Allen Iverson.

Did you see that?

We've taken for granted the spectacle of Giannis Antetokounmpo. When he first got into the league, Giannis was seen literally as an alien with people gawking at his height and impossibly long arms. Eight years and two MVPs into the Giannis experience and his highlights seem to go unnoticed every day.

ICYMI, Giannis is still a freak.


He got into the lane with a crossover and quick first step like Russell Westbrook then spun two Spurs out of his airspace for a monster jam like Shaq.


FIFTEEN ASSISTS! This was plain unfair. Against any other player, Jakob Poetl's contest would have gotten a stop. But against a dude with built-in selfie sticks for arms, he had no chance at stopping the pass.

Physically, Giannis has evolved like a Pokemon, getting bigger and growing muscles in areas where the average human barely has any. Mentally, Giannis has adapted like a cyborg adding basketball skills to his database.

And he's still only 26! We’re going to have so much more Giannis highlights. It's just nice to know that this Greek can still get freakier.